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yes, this is a boring corporate page, you know, that one where we tell you who we are but all you "hear" is blah blah blah. However, since you are here, and we must have peaked your interest enough for you to visit this page, we will let you get to the meat of the subject. So, without further ado, here it is ...

Founded originally in 1992, we started out as a very small Graphics Design & Advertising Firm. Within seven years, a hand full of small graphic design firms were acquired and 4 computer stores covering Utah and Colorado were added to the company portfolio. In 1996, full service web technologies and ISP divisions were started to specialize in emerging internet opportunities and draw upon our various skill sets at the same time.

In January of 1999, as a spin off, K-Factor Technologies, Inc was incorporated as a new company to handle the web services, programming, and ecommerce aspects.

In 2003, K-Factor Technologies shifted towards becoming a business incubator specializing in creating companies and divisions involved in ecommerce, online financial transactions and processing, payment processing gateways, web hosting, server management, internet security, intellectual property management, emarketing, product branding and management, and Open Source Software.

Our outstanding successes through the years come from our commitment to superior service the best price, contributing to the greater good, as well as from treating our employees and customers as our greatest assets. Our employees have vested ownership in our company which allows them to take pride in and stand behind our companies and services. We use a "no non-sense" approach to business with our vendors and customers and that has earned us the reputation of staying power and the commitment to making all people and businesses involved with us better off in the end.

Anybody can program a shopping cart, design a web page, or host a website, but nobody does it with as much commitment as we do. Why? Because, we love what we do, and we endeavor to show it every day.